An indie reinterpretation of Bharatiyar’s best


Among all the Bharatiyar poems he came across, the one independent music composer B.Prasanna aka BP found most mesmerising was ‘Kaatru Veliyidai Kannamma’, both in its romance and its lyrical beauty.

That’s why he chose to compose the poem into a song, which he released as his first single on his new indie platform ‘BP Collective’. The song, released on Youtube features a wide range of renowned young vocalists and musicians from Chennai.

“After having composed the melody, I felt the song could have a lot of colour. I wanted to interpret the romance of the poem freshly while preserving its nativity. That’s why its melodic aspect has an old-world sensibility, but its arrangement and sound spectrum are contemporary.” says B.Prasanna.

The video, made by Gowrishankar V, captures the energy and performances of the musicians as they recorded for the track.

“Pradeep Kumar, the lead singer learnt the entire song before he came in for the recording; this made it possible for us to capture his performance both on the mic as well as the camera. He has an organic, completely original style that lends itself beautifully to the flavour of the song.”

BP hopes to collaborate with various artists and explore many original ideas under the ‘BP collective’ banner. He is now working on his next single, which he hopes to launch next month. The new single, he says, will explore a completely different expression.

You can check out BP Collective’s Facebook Page here:

Written by Harshini Vakkalanka