Anubhuti- An Ethereal Experience


Anubhuti was created at the at the instance of the Opera of France, which invited Padmashri Chitra Visweswaran to choreograph a production conceived on the foundation of the traditional Margam (path) format of Bharatanatyam.

Kinetics of space, architectonical layers of interpretation, bordering on the unexpected, aesthetics of form, sound and content, have been explored to push the boundaries of conventional Bharatanatyam choreography.

Anubhuti commences with the celebration of the Hindu Trinity, representing the Cosmic acts of creation, preservation and destruction. Then Anubuthi goes on to unravel the mystic philosophy of Ardhanareeshwara / Ardhanareeshwari, the multi moods of the multifaceted Goddess Shakti, engages with the search and realization of the Divine – Krishna and finally Anubhuti culminates in a mood of Ananda– bliss experienced through dance and music.

Anubhuti – The Ethereal Experience is presented by Chidambaram Dance Company, the professional performing repertory of Chidambaram Academy of Performing Arts headed by Padmashri Chitra Visweswaran. Concept, choreography and direction Padmashri Chitra Visweswaran.

Anubhuti has truly been and continuous to be an experience in every sense of the word to every participant, the choreographer and the viewer.

Having toured Europe and India with rave reviews Anubhuti comes to Singapore.

Details of the event at / contact 9389 0407

Schedule: Sunday, 15 June 2014 @ 7:00 PM

Venue: Jubilee Hall , Raffles Hotel

Tickets : $30, $50 and $75(excluding booking fees) Online Tickets Click Here