Brahmandam -The Lords of the Celestials on 12th August


An unique Dance Production in Indian classical dance – Bharatanatyam by Vidushi M.S.Srilakshmi and her Senior Students Brahmandam -The Lords of the Celestials on 12th August, Monday 4:30 PM at esplanade recital studio

Navagrahas- Nine Planets- are the 9 deities in the Indian Tradition . The production is based on Talas or the Time measure with unique ragas for each Graha/Planets, believed to have vital significance on one’s fortune . The Navagraha Kritis are based on the Nine Planets or Grahas .

Navagraha, according to Hindu Astronomy dates back to the time of ancient Vedas. These 9 planets in Vedic astrology are treated as deities with specific power, nature and Characteristics depending on what each of these offer. These planets or deities are considered to bring peace and harmony in life. They are showcased in this production with Innovative and Improvised choreography.

An Exquisitely Conceptualized and Innovative Collaboration with Renowned Composer/ Pianist from Singapore Mr Tze Toh, Renowned Violinist Mr Lazar Thurakkel Sebastian , and Master Bangalore Kumaraswamy Sanjith on Keyboard, Bharatnatyam by M.S.Srilakshmi. The Grand Finale Retains the dimensions of each Art form ,expanding creativity and leading to confluence with aesthetic appreciation.

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