Brand new stand-up solo premieres in Singapore this weekend


Evam Stand-Up Tamasha's brand new stand-up solo premieres in Singapore between Jun 17 to 19

June 17 & 19 – Second Decoction by Karthik Kumar
June 18 – My baby thinks I'm funny by Sorabh Pant
June 18 – Daniel Fernandes LIVE

Venue: SOTA Studio Theatre

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Second Decoction is Karthik Kumar’s second Standup Comedy Special, after his first #PokeMe, and this one is a celebration of all the things that are  second best – that we reserve for ourselves, cos we don't deserve any better! Its a celebration of the Middle Class upbringing, filled with Hope, Dreams & Life Savings just enough to pay the First EMIs for them…

What's the Middle Class? The one that’s stuck in the Middle… it's not Up and neither is it down… like the Side Middle Berth that the Indian Railways tried to introduce – theoretically it could have existed – but practically… let’s be practical – only the Middle class can fit into it… how? Coz we are adjusting like that! The Second Decoction and the Side Middle berth – we fit into it… it becomes us!

Daniel Fernandes LIVE
Fresh off the momentum of his tour at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Daniel Fernandes is travelling across the world to do what he loves best; get on stage, tell some jokes.

If you've followed his work on YouTube and never seen him live, or watched him live and love him so much you want to watch him again, get your tickets to his show.

Daniel is known for his spontaneous wit, 'call it like it is' material and bratty persona which makes him quite the entertainer. This promises to be an evening well spent.

My baby thinks I'm funny
Sorabh Pant wanted a dog. His wife wanted a baby. So, they had a baby. And, neither of them have slept ever since.

In his new stand-up special, Sorabh talks about the wonderful insanity of becoming a father. From the fun stuff like trying to have a baby and the gory stuff like actually having one. Enter a world of burps, poop, farts, weird milk, overpriced clothes, pre-school politics and auditioning Nannies. He also breaks down the secret mafia of kids' toys, finds perversion in Nursery Rhymes, growing up as a kid in the 80s and 90s and becoming increasingly paranoid as a father in 2016.

My Baby Thinks I'm Funny is also about a comedian and the audience member he loves making laugh the most: his son. Proceeds from this show go straight to Sorabh's son’s pre-school funds. And, maybe college!

About evam Standup Tamasha
Evam Stand-Up Tamasha was co-founded by Karthik Kumar and is South India's largest Standup Comedy movement. And we firmly believe that the most important joke we will tell is the next one.

We've done over 400 shows, across 4 countries, said 9453 jokes, 8670 good ones, entertained one lakh thirty thousand people and pissed off a handful. We have a repertory of 7 comedians and also regularly identify, mentor and provide opportunities for new comics.