Commercial Release of Bengali Films in Singapore



Come 23rd February 2013 two cities that are entwined in history will take one more step to bring borders closer. Bengali films from Kolkata will see commercial releases through 4 screens of Cathay Cinemas in Singapore. This will be a first of its kind not just in Singapore but South East in Asia.

This initiative will be another chapter in integration through the art form of cinema which saw fruition through Darpan 2012: the first ever Bengal film festival in Singapore. The festival brought to the Singapore screens, 7 contemporary award winning films, several panel discussions, workshops, closed door business discussions  with multicultural and multi ethnic  participation across the island nation. The Singapore Film Society and The Puttnam School of Film, La Salle College of the Arts, were among the several partners for the festival. The National Integration Council of Singapore (A division under the Prime Minister’s Office) supported the event which celebrated diversity through ethnic cinema.

The commercial films are being released through a Singapore production and distribution company started by Sreyashi Sen, chairperson of Darpan.
According to Sreyashi : “ Darpan was an example of how language isn’t a barrier to appreciate any art form. The festival started a ripple which is expanding to commercial releases of Bengali films in Singapore and also witnessing plans of film productions that will celebrate cultural integration. The festival opened the world of contemporary Bengali cinema to an audience that not only comprised Indians but film lovers from across the globe who called Singapore their home. I have always believed in integration through art and culture and Darpan reflected and exemplified all that and more. The films being made in Bengal need to come to the big screen abroad and there is no better time than now…we need these films that are so universal in appeal and yet intense in the flavours of Bengal for an audience that is thirsty for such intellectual stimulation.”

The first two films to be released are  “Maach Mishti and More”by Mainak Bhoumik  and “Shunyo Awnko” by Goutam Ghosh.

There are production houses who are looking forward to bringing their films to Singapore screens already which means simultaneous releases in India and Singapore from now on.

Book your tickets: Maach Mishti and More@cathaycineplexes