Covid Time Creatives- Adrenaline Rush: Poem by Ahana Banerjee


Adrenaline Rush: Poem by Ahana Banerjee

what is that?
what is that sound?

Creak of bed or creak of bone?
How I regret reading the works of Poe
The moon is stingy with its light
Oh dear, what’s prowling around this haunted night?
I tiptoe quietly out of my room
Venturing into the stifling gloom
It’s time for me to ignore all my trepidations
As I set off on my sinister expedition

What’s that awful thudding sound
Oh, just my heart, how it pounds
My stomach has tied itself into a knot ‘
Like the apple tree that rots
At the bottom of my yard
Is that where witches spin their yarn
Would that be my rendezvous on this ungodly night?

Hush, there it is again
It’s coming from the window
A ghastly floating glow
Hope this isn’t my first encounter with a ghost
It’s too late in the night to deliver post

Tap tap goes the witch’s fingers on the glass
Oh wait, it’s just a stray tree branch
What’s that awful shrieking howl
Competing with the screams of the owl

Every noise is magnified
It’s as though my horrors have become personified
Shadows dance around me as the moon scowls
How do I get out of this situation foul?

The only way to stop myself getting a good fright
Is to avoid things that go bump in the night
That chilling sound is just the wind
Not a banshee warning hint
Those horrid glows are just fireflies
Another one of my mind’s asinine lies
There are no witches in the yard
Just my brains stupid farce

My heartbeat resumes its regular tattoo
How could I be such a fool
No longer shall I read Edgar Allan Poe
Inciting my hopes of meeting a ghost
Now that I have cleared my head …
Its time I went off to bed!

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