COVID Time Creatives -The Art of Laughter, Poem by Roshni Sen


The Art of Laughter, Poem by Roshni Sen

The essence of this poem: During these tough times of COVID-19, laughter can be a blessing in disguise. This poem of mine expresses the importance of remaining positive and optimistic, as I believe that by merely smiling and laughing, we can easily bid adieu to all worries at once.

Tinkles of laughter, chiming in your ears,
Shows the doorway to your hidden fears.
Plastering a grin on your olive mien,
Divines a swathe between
Drapes of murk and masks of sheen.
Snapping and quivering the cloaks of glum,
Limns a world so serene.

Subtle smiles tugging beneath your cheeks
Lashes out at dread, for months and weeks.
Dews of teary-drops you shred
Cloaks a silvery mist,
Upon you so dead.
Moaning and groaning in bitterness amidst,
You lay misled
In crevasses of misery
Throbbing in wrath at destiny’s twist.

When misfortune steps in your enthralling day
Your gleaming teeth, laughs it all away.
A canvas white, your life it is;
Dabbed with moseys of bestrewed paint
Blotches of glee and tinges of bliss
Blends the canvas white
Into a Picassian masterpiece.

A rapturous glow, in your glistening eyes,
Beams through your giggle, flowing miles and miles.
Waves of melancholy washing over you in a surge,
Shudders at a glance, and staunch you emerge.
Veiling the fogs of dolorous sorrow,
Contentment scours its way about,
For a new tomorrow.

Fear not today, for a wheel life is;
Sometimes merry, sometimes a chasm of abyss.
The flaming orb of elation,
Dwelling in the heart of distress,
Ignites the horizon,
In a passionate mix of marmalade,
Heralding the hues
Of exultation,
And exhilaration,
Through a twinkling smile you crochet.

When thongs of anguish clutch your arm so tight,
With the sword of guffaw, the woes you smite.
Laughing aloud, you pirouette,
Twirling and whirling,
In a world so perfect.
Wounds of the heart,
Heal so smooth,
Through strokes of ecstasy, part by part,
Drowning you
In a fountain of youth,
Showering on your fortune
Sprinkles of goodwill,
Disguised as a boon.
Though mastering laughter, during rainfalls of mourning,
Is nothing but, an exemplary art,
Which unlashes the knob
To the mirth you bring.

Roshni is an emerging writer, studying in Global Indian International School, SMART Campus, Singapore. She is an ardent painter and loves to illustrate her notions through brush strokes.