Written by Srishti

Luscious cascades of bushy brown hair
A lily’s complexion, so lovely and fair
Twinkling dark eyes for me to see
And there-stood she!

As the silver bullet of a moon shone bright
In the blackness of the dark dark night
So stood she, gorgeous as the moon
Alas! Little did I know how soon she’d swoon

There Death snatched her to make her his
And she was gone, gone for me to miss!
As the crescent wanes away-nowhere to be seen
My lady-bright like the moon no longer stood evergreen

My face had waned
As my cheeks lost their colour
My red lips now stood pale
As though the salt had lost its savour

Melancholy draped herself onto me
As I plunged into a pool of misery
My eyes filled to the brim have nothing to see
Save the white misty snow which only grieves me

No Sun ever shines, no raindrops to be heard
The ambience is devoid of the song of the bird
My heavy heart skipped many a beat
To possess a burning longing for Her and I to meet

Emptiness evaded the atmosphere of gloom
As I reminisced our times, spoiled by doom
It’s been fifteen years since I bid adieu to Marley
And I still remember how-there stood she!