Dance Fiesta 2023 Registrations are Open!!


Singapore: After three successful editions of Talent Hunt programs,Pravasi Express is back with Dance Fiesta 2023 to unearth the dancing talents in Singapore. Dance Fiesta 2023 will be conducted on 25th and 26th February 2023.

Dance Fiesta 2023 is organised by PravasiExpress in association with Hougang CC IAEC. This event target not only to give opportunity for talents, but also to encourage and appreciate our culture and diversity. Participants have opportunity to showcase their dancing skills in freestyle/cinematic, folk, and classical dance forms.

Solo (1 Dancer)
Duet/Trio(2/3 Dancers)
Group (4-10 Participants)
Family (Family members)

Age Group:
Sub Juniors (5-8 Years)
Juniors (9-13 Years)
Seniors (14-18 Years)
Super Seniors (19 and above)

  • Classical dance age group as juniors (up to 13 years) and Seniors (14 and above) 

Performance Categories:

Cinematic/FreestyleParticipants demonstrate dancing skills based on Cine Music in any Language (eg. Bollywood dance) or any freestyles
Folk DanceParticipants demonstrates dancing skills in any form of folk arts (eg. Bhangra, Ghoomar, Mayil Atom, Kolattam, ottam thullal, Kolannalu, Bihu etc..)
Classical Dance*Participants demonstrate dancing skills in any form of Classical dance forms (eg. Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Mohiniyattam etc..)

Registration Fee:
SGD 20 per participant / per category
A participant can participate in multiple divisions and categories of events 

Time Limit:
Solos (1 dancer): Up to 3 Minutes
Duet/Trios (2 or 3 Dancers): Up to 3 Minutes
Group (4-10 Dancers): Up to 3 Minutes (Extended time till 5 Minutes)
Family (Family Members Combinations): Up to 3 Minutes.
Classical Dance (Solo/Group): Up to 6 Minutes (Extended time till 8:00 Minutes)

A) The songs/Music for the performances may be in any Indian languages or English.
B) Registration fee for Dance Fiesta-2023 is SGD 20 per Person/per category. All participants in the group category are required to pay individual registration fee. There is no refund of registration fee.
C) Payment instructions, Detailed Rules & Regulations will be promulgated for registered candidates

Register here: Dance_Fiesta_2023_registration