Does drinking Tea make you Slimmer?


It is said that coffee is harmful to health, unlike tea. But it's important to know why tea is beneficial to health. Ever wonder why the Chinese and Japanese have some of the longest life-expectancy rates in the world. The secret is they drink tea a lot.

Here are five teas results in slimmer you.

Peppermint (Mint) Tea: Enhance Body Immunity/weight Loss

The aroma and flavor of peppermint helps to release mental stress and results in better sleep. Peppermint tea relieves symptoms of common cold and flu due to the presence of vital nutrients in it. It can be used as an alternative for green tea which helps in speed up digestion and thus help you burn more calories.

Preparation: Take a tablespoon of fresh or dried leaves and add them to boiling water and let it steep for five to ten minutes. Strain and add honey, if needed.

For Wisdom tooth : Place an ice-cold tea bag on swollen gums and the cool mint of the tea bag tooth aches and pains, and cause swelling to cease.

Star Anise Tea:  Treat Digestive Ailments

Star anise, the fruit of a small evergreen tree (Illicium verum) native to China, can be used in the treatment of digestive troubles such as abdominal cramps, bloating, indigestion and stomach aches.

Preparation: It can be made by steeping ½ tsp of the dried herb in 1 cup boiling water for about 10 to 15 minutes, straining and drinking. Strain this and sweeten it if required.

Oolong tea: Guards against obesity

Health benefits of oolong tea are doubled because of combined qualities of black tea and green tea. Daily consumption of oolong tea can reduce obesity, treatment of eczema, Promotes good bone structure. So, drink several cups of oolong tea in a day, it is best for your good health and also wonderful to taste.

Preparation: Steep oolong tea bags in hot or warm water from 30 seconds to five minutes, for a more full-bodied cup.

Green Tea: Builds Metabolism

Green tea is a wonderful beverage with potential health benefits. It has been proven that drinking green tea can lower cholesterol, prevent cancer, increase metabolic rates and be helpful in variety of other conditions and illnesses. It is responsible for helping people shed the kilos – it can burn a whopping 70 calories a day! Green tea raises the level of antioxidants which prevents ageing and wrinkles.

Preparation: Steep Green tea bags in hot water for two to three minutes and Consume.

Black tea: Improves Blood Circulation

Made with fermented tea leaves, black tea has the highest caffeine content and forms the basis for flavored teas like chai, along with some instant teas. Studies have shown that black tea may protect lungs from damage caused by exposure to cigarette smoke. It also may reduce the risk of stroke. People who drink black tea are less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes.

For the best benefit Drink both black and green tea, the regular kind sold in bags or leaves in grocery stores. Their antioxidants are equal.

DYI: To reduce puffiness of the eye, just store black tea bags in the fridge and apply it to the eye area.

All these herbal tea’s are easily available at all stores and is affordable for all. So next time you prepare your grocery, remember the many health benefits of tea and add it to you list.