Fund raising Performance by Kshirja Govind at SIFAS

Verdant countryside, scenic backwaters, picturesque hill stations is the image that Kerala, ranked as one of the “50 destinations of a lifetime” by National Geographic Traveler, conjures up in one’s mind. When torrential rains hit the state, little did people imagine that the aftermath would be a scene straight out of a horror movie.
Keralites outside the state stood mute in horror at the scenes unfolding before their eyes-rivers which seemed to have changed their course, landslides which brought whole houses down, people stranded on the rooftops of their homes. The misery and devastation wereunparalleled in the state’s history.
In the midst of it all, people stood resolute by each other. A small seed of an idea also sprouted in the heart of 17-year old Kshirja Govind, IB final year student of UWCSEA, Singapore and a dance student at Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society, to raise funds to help in rebuilding the state in her own humble way. And what better way to bring people together than through the art form that she loves, Bharatanatyam?
With the blessings of her dance school administration and staff, Kshirja will be performing at the SIFAS auditorium on Wednesday, August 22 at 7 pm to raise funds- the initiative has found support from many Malayalee and Indian organisations including the oldest Malayalee Association in the world and oldest registered Indian Association in Singapore, the Singapore Malayalee Association.



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