Gita Jayanti Singapore celebrates the preeminent Hindu scripture, Srimad Bhagavad Gita in many ways. Referred to as Song of the Lord this 700-verse Sanskrit scripture is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

This is set in a narrative framework of a dialogue wherein Lord Krishna counsels the Pandava prince Arjuna to overcome the moral dilemma that he is facing, to wage a war on his own kith and kin. It is a timeless Scripture and is of great relevance in today’s world too as it tells us how to overcome the moral dilemmas in our daily life.

This is the 21st year of Gita Jayanti celebrations in Singapore. Having started in 1997 as a one day event with Gita chanting it now organises many related events like Gita Chanting and Art Competitions, Krishna Manjari Cultural Show, International Gita Forum and other events finally culminating in the Gita Havan.

At the Gita Havan (this year happening on April 21st) the entire 18 Chapters of Gita are chanted as the Havan or Homam (fire oblation ritual) is performed for each verse of the Gita.

Members of the public take turns and sit around  the various Homa Kundas ( pits or containers ) set up for the occasion as the verses are chanted making offerings  (known as samagris)  like grains, clarified butter, milk, herbs, seeds,  sugar and other natural ingredients into the fire. Havan ritual is an age old practice followed since Vedic times.

The words Havan / Homam / Ahuti take their origin from the Sanskrit root hu, meaning to consume; here by fire.

It is believed that participating in a Havan is highly auspicious, ensuring welfare and prosperity of the participants as well as creating positive vibrations in the environment.  

It is eco-friendly as the burning of the offerings being natural materials like herbs and seeds, it helps purify the atmosphere and rids the air of pathogens and also has therapeutic benefits.

Spiritually it is auspicious as it uplifts the soul to the Divine and metaphorically fire consumes the ego.

Every year a different organisation takes the lead in the Git a Jayanti celebrations. The “Gita Jayanti 2018-2019” is being led by Odia Society of Singapore, along with the other Hindu Temples and organizations of Singapore under the auspices of the Hindu Endowments Board. At this Gita Havan event the baton will be passed to Singapore North Indian Hindu Association (SNEHA), the lead organisation for the year 2019- 2020

Gita Havan 2019 

Date and Time: Sun, 21 Apri; 7 am to 1pm 

Venue: PGP Hall, 397 Serangoon Road, Singapore.    

Admission: Free with Lunch