Hinduism and Scientific Truths


Mr Gopinath Pillai, Ambassador at Large, Guest of Honour for the event with Devi Vanamali and organisers

Hinduism based on Truth, can never be stamped out and has existed from the dawn of time. The Universe exists on Truth and anything that is not founded on Truth is automatically deleted by Time. Many religions and cultures have come and gone. Hinduism alone has remained. This is because it is based on eternal verities-satyam, ahimsa and dharma, truth, non-violence and righteousness. This is the cosmic dharma– the law of eternal justice by which this cosmos has been created, sustained and destroyed. That is why Hinduism is known as ‘Santana Dharma’, the ancient law of righteousness. (The Science called Hinduism: Vanamali)

“The book attempts to educate all people especially the Hindus about their own religion and to take away the misunderstandings that exist in the minds of people about this ancient knowledge which has come down to us from pre-historic times”.

Mata Devi Vanamali, (Vanamali : Lord Krishna,  who wears the garland of wild flowers), has authored many spiritual books also Dvds on discourses on Bhagwad Gita.  “The Science called Hinduism” latest in her series of 9 books on the various gods of the Hindu pantheon was released in Singapore.

In her address Mataji explained, “Hinduism is based on Divine laws and the Vedas (scriptures of knowledge) always existed and still exists without a beginning or end as waves of wisdom. They were carried forth, inspired by the Rishis (seers), the multi sensory beings. The Hindu has never wanted to control or conquer anything except his own mind. Hence India has never invaded any country in the last ten thousand years of its history. Copernicus and Galileo were punished for proposing the heliocentric theory as it conflicted with Church beliefs. However, there was no antagonism between science and religion in India since the Hindu religion is based on scientific truths.

The 20th century Quantum Physics is energy in motion. Drawing parallel to the famous dance of Lord Shiva, Nataraja; modern techniques have been able to project the lines emanating from Shiva’s dancing figure as similar to the extraordinary ballet of the elementary particles as seen by the physicist”.  

Book Cover: The Science called Hinduism

Hailing from Guruvayoor, Kerala, famous for its temple of Krishna, Mataji’s family members consider themselves vassals of the Lord of Guruvayoor. She holds a first rank in M.A Honours in philosophy from the University of Madras. Her professor was T.M.P. Mahadevan who is famous for his books on Advaita Vedanta. All these forces drew her irrevocably into spiritualism.

In their early years of service Mataji and Br. Mohan (her cousin) offered classes for prisoners at Thrissur in Kerala and rehabilitated many of the inmates. Mataji also travels abroad offering courses about Sanatana Dharma and the wisdom of  Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

Mataji has her Ashram, ‘Vanamali Gita Yogashram’ nestling at the foot of the Himalayas in Rishiskesh. “Lord Krishna chose it for me 28 years ago”.

Ashram fortifies harmonious living by improving physical, mental and spiritual health through meditation, yoga, talks, chanting and puja, also extending services to the poor. About 150 of the village children have been adopted by the Ashram and are given clothes, food and help in education. Ashram has adopted a small poor village in the hills called Gajja. “The ashram and charities are all sustained by donations. My sister and son give a lot and the rest is given by various people who visit the ashram and by sale of books”.

How fulfilling has been your spiritual journey.

It has been most worthwhile. I'm so grateful to Krishna for having transformed me from an ordinary house-keeper to someone who has been able to help so many others both spiritually and financially. It is only the grace of God.

Have you started on your next book? What is that about? 

I've been asked to write about the Mahabharata but since this has been done many times I have started on the Bhagavad Mahapurana which has not been done really well. I can only hope that I will be given the guidance and the health to finish this enormous work.

What are the future plans for the Ashram?

I have no plans. I just live life day by day and work as directed by Him.

Dressed in purple, the colour representing Lord Krishna in Transcendental state Mataji considers herself a gopi – ever a devotee and slave of Krishna.

The book was released on 4th of May at Sri Muneeswaran Temple, Commonwealth, Singapore by

Mr Gopinath Pillai, Ambassador at Large, Guest of Honour for the event. Dr Naga from KL gave the welcome address and Mr Anantha Sayanam, Temple Secretary, the vote of thanks. The event was well organised by Seventh Light Productions, media company.