I, Cyclops – Lord Shiva, X-Men and Dance! Interested???


It’s no big secret how passionate I am about dance. I have written about it here, here and here. I have expounded on how much certain dance videos have moved me and how crazy I am about it. And this is not restricted to just any one type of dance. I love D.A.N.C.E. Any type of dance!! Classical, Western, Contemporary, Latin American, Dappankoothu, Fusion, anything as long as it’s aesthetic and pleasant to watch. 🙂

So when I got the opportunity to do a write up for an upcoming dance show here in Singapore, I did what any person ardent and obsessive about dance would do – grabbed it with both hands! 😀  😀

And now guess what I am waiting to watch, come 28th July …

A fusion performance called – I, Cyclops – featuring dancers of Canada and Singapore. It is being organized by Bhaskar’s Arts Academy, a name synonymous with dance in Singapore in collaboration with inDANCE, a company from Canada.

An excerpt from their flyer –

“Featuring exquisite dancers from Singapore and Canada, with a cutting-edge music score from master musicians in India, Singapore and the UK, I, Cyclops is a deliciously rowdy work that catapults the viewer between the mystical god Siva's Third Eye and sexy Cyclops’/James Marsden's cool visor in Hollywood’s X-Men reboot. Choreographer Hari Krishnan reveals vivid moments from his own tripolar dystopian universe, mirroring his artistic east-to-west passage, from Singapore to Canada via India.”

Catch a sneak preview here –

I am an ardent aficionado of Lord Shiva. I am a huge fan of the X-Men series. A combination of these two – and I am hooked! 😀 😀

Can’t wait to watch this show at, NAFA Lee Foundation Theatre on 28th Jul 2013 at 7:30PM …

Anyone interested in joining me… details below…

28 July 2013 (Sun), 7.30pm – NAFA Lee Foundation Theatre

Tickets priced at: $20 & $30

Get your tickets now at: Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society Tel: 63366537 & Bhaskar’s Arts Academy Tel: 63964523