Introspecting the ‘I’


Attended the Gita Jayanti celebrations held at PGP Hall, Srinivasa Perumal Temple, Singapore. Part of the celebration was a painting competition. It was delightful to see the enthusiasm among the kids participating and giving their best. Not a mean achievement, given the little bees had to wake up early on a Sunday morning to participate. The point to note is the fullness in participation, hoping to have done the best and yet not expect anything in return. But, when does this realization of ‘I’ start manifesting in the little mind! Have we given it a thought? Isn’t this planted on to our off springs by us! Was listening to some words of wisdom delivered by Swami Atmatriptananda. Apparently all religious books of knowledge teaches the same learnings and it is unto us to absorb the truth and find meaning to the word ‘I’.