Kalapravaha – Home of Performing Arts presented Kathak Pravaha 2018 on 20 October at Alliance Française de Singapour.

Kathak, as a storytelling dance form, appeals to the mass audiences. In line with Singapore’s art scene of evolving style of performing arts and multiculturalism, Kalapravaha aims to cultivate an appreciation of the diverse Indian dance forms amongst local audience.

Kathak Pravaha 2018 was Directed and Choreographed by Bhupali Deshpande Kulkarni. This year’s theme, Rāg Tāl Mala, was based on experimenting with the dimensions of music and showcasing different aspects of Kathak dance on 5 different jaati or classification of Tals.

For the first half of the show dancers presented Vandana, Thumri, Tarana, Ghat Bhav(storytelling) – on the history of Natyashastra and some technical pieces like Paran, Tihai, Toda, etc.

In the second half, they presented Kathak on some well-known piano compositions.

Audience were welcomed back with the first piece on Canon in D by German Baroque composer Johann Pachelbel. This celebratory piece has been rearranged and adapted to include intricate rhythm patterns that accompany footwork.

The second one, Moonlight Sonata first movement, is one of Beethoven’s most popular compositions for the Piano. This piece was adapted by the dancers to showcase the story of Siddhartha and Devadatta.

The evening concluded with a beautiful composition ‘Sangamam’, which is composed by Shri Nawaz Mirajkar and Temple of Fine Arts Piano Teacher Renu Suresh for the musical production ‘Water’. Dancers captured the audience with mesmerizing moves, captivating spins and pulsating footwork.