Korea International Noodle Expo 2016 Attracting Overseas Enterprises


The ‘Korea International Noodle Expo 2016’ that will be held at Hall C of COEX Seoul from Friday, June 3rd to Sunday, June 5th will be gathering domestic and overseas noodle enterprises.

‘Korea International Noodle Expo 2016’ is an even that shares the history and trends of Koreans’ soul food, noodles, while promotes the development and exportation of related domestic producing and distributing enterprises. With the scale of around 50 companies and 250 booths, this year’s ‘Korea International Noodle Expo 2016’ includes rOverseas Pavilion rDomestic Pavilion rWorld Noodle Museum rPromotion Pavilion rTasting Sample Zone rExperience Zone.

Especially at this year’s event, enterprises from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries are participating and sharing their food cultures, making the event more abundant. Participating overseas noodle companies include Acecook (like the sky), Minh Duong Foodstuff, Bich Chi Food from Vietnam, Indomie, Mie Sedaap from Indonesia, SY Haohao Noodle from China, Mamee (Khazon) from Malaysia, etc. who will be bringing along products like instant noodles, fresh noodles, dried noodles, rice noodles, etc. Also, strong overseas buyers are invited to the expo, opening networking opportunities between domestic middle and small-sized enterprises and overseas enterprises, therefore expecting more overseas expansion achievements than last year.

What this year’s expo would like to offer visitors is of course to eat, listen to and experience with noodles, bringing about unforgettable fun time and memories. Various programs have been prepared for visitors to enjoy such as ‘Taste vs. taste Promotion’ where they can try food from famous domestic restaurants, ‘World Noodle Museum’ where domestic and overseas noodles are displayed chronologically, or the ‘Experience Zone’ where visitors can make noodles of their own. Free entrance is given for those who register online before June 2nd. Detailed information about the event can be found on Korea International Noodle Expo’s homepage: ramen.etoday.co.kr or contact : +82-2-799-6734