MoM N Me Fashionista, its third Blockbuster edition saw an august gathering of 350 people with enthusiastic participation from over 60 mothers and 30 children either walking the ramp or showcasing their talents. In addition to this there were dance and music performances by various groups.

It was a programme for Moms with participation by enthusiastic Moms and organized by four ebullient Moms.

How did this idea germinate? Shubhade Bhide, one of the organisers  mentioned, “ It was a fallout of what social media moms like me, Kavita, Saraswathi and Anu were doing on our 50K++ strong social media consisting of Facebook, Instagram and Blog. We wanted to provide a platform to Singapore moms where they can showcase their talent and prove to the world that all moms are Divas – who can work in the kitchen, office, take care of the family and at the same rock the ramp!”

Sarawathi Iyer another of the organisers enthusiastically added, “We are constantly engaging with our ‘Momtribe’ on social media and they were very excited to be a part of Mom N Me Fashionista.”

The Organisers                                            Pic: Divakumar Photography 

Regarding the participation of various social media groups, Kavitha Singh and Anu the other two organisers further explained that five FB groups,  SINdiapore, Indian Inspirational Ladies, Singapore Power Residents, Singapore Entrepreneurs,, one Blog, three FB pages Mom N Me Fashionista, RainbowDiaries Singapore and MyFashion Collections which they run among themselves were involved in this.

Their idea was to bring their social media followers and readers together, from virtual to the real world event. So 2016 saw its first season and this year was the third.

Dressed in attractive costumes of varied and vibrant colours and supported by chirpy children in similar or matching colours the ladies walked the ramp and showcased their talents along with their children with aplomb.

The Dads were eagerly cheering their families and clicking away.

The programme had support from the Mompreuners, exhibiting more than 17 shopping booths like NRE fashions by Isha, Kavitha’s Jade, Tan of Fitpro, Supriya of Styzole among others.

Anand Dhamelia, Head of Department of Music and Dance at DPS International School, Engr Nareesha winner of titles Mrs Singapore Tourism 2018, Asia Pacific Lady of Excellence 2017 and Dr Chitra Krishnakumar, President of Soorya (Singapore) cultural society formed the panel of judges. Vasanthi Ravi did the emceeing for the show.

Strengthening family bonding, showcasing talents, emboldening moms, keeping moms active, alive and blooming, networking among Mompreuners formed the intrinsic takeaway of the event. Thus proving that social media does help in social bonding.

The event was organized at the Lee Foundation Hall, at Singapore Khalsa Association on 4th August 2018.