Movie Review: Ayalum Njanum Thammil



Any Lal Jose movie will carry baggage of expectations, especially when he is returning after brilliantly beautiful film 'Diamond Necklace'. The huge star cast, reminiscent of Lal Jose's 2006 Blockbuster 'Classmates' also added to the hype along with the trailer, songs, Posters & Stills. Also it’s scripted by the very talented Bobby-Sanjay duo.


Is the Journey of (Prithviraj) over times and shows how it transforms an irresponsible young guy to a very serious hard working honest Doctor, with the help of many characters that appear in his life at various time frames.

Lal Jose has done it again, after an excellent diamond necklace; he gives yet another outstanding product. ANT is one of the year's best. It is the best outing for most of those associated with the project, including Prithviraj.

Prithvi has given his career best performance in ANT as Dr.Tharakan. The last time we saw the actor broke the shackles was in Indian rupee, which also had a similar story outline.

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Writers Bobby-Sanjay duo is back with a bang after a debacle, 'Casanova'. It’s a pitch perfect scripting, all elements in right proportions, without compromising and going over the top.

Direction is top class. Music & BG is outstanding, camera is top notch, and the scenic beauty of Munnar has never been captured by anyone like this. You will feel the chill even if u r watching the movie from a non-AC theatre.

The movie never drags. It tells what it intended to tell in a simple manner.

The events in the film happen over a period of 2 days, with flash back scenes inter woven beautifully.

Prathap Pothan was outstanding as Dr.Samuel, another gem of a role after 22FK. Ramya, among the leading ladies gets better screen space and she has done a great job. Rima, Samvrutha, Narein also did their job well.

It’s great to see film like these made in Malayalam. For movie lovers of all languages “Ayalum Njanum Thammil” is a must watch. It’s refreshing, entertaining and thought provoking.

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BOX OFFICE – looking at the response of crowd after the film I think it will be a super duper hit….
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