After a very long time, I watched a movie where the audience were clapping, hooting and whistling at every scene. I am glad I didn’t miss the movie based on reviews. For some movies, reviews make no difference and this was definitely one of those.

The movie didn’t disappoint me. I didn’t go to watch all the controversies that a man created after he became a superstar. I wanted to watch the making of the superstar. A man who placed Jharkhand on India’s map.

I was trying hard to avoid regionalism as every Indian is equally proud of his achievements. But I can’t deny, his life and struggles were so relatable to all Biharis and Jhakahndis. I mean his government quarter, cricket field, the house set up and everything in town from friends, shopkeeper, bikes etc. reminded me of my hometown. The fact that how parents see that education is the only means to have a better life. And not only that how every parent aspires their kids to take up government job so that they have a comfortable and easy life. They can’t even dream to have a career out of sports. Parents encourage their kids to play not to go ahead and represent India but to take a government job from sports quota. These scenes evoked many emotions and memories that left a lump in my throat. I could feel the emotions of my parents who still thinks that I should go back and try for Civil services and get a government job.

And not to mention, how some states are conveniently ignored when it comes to competition at the national level. There is always tough for the first torch bearer who does things and show the world, it Is possible. Dhoni was/is that torch bearer for the rest of the people of Jharkhand/Bihar. He instilled a faith in every parent who have started taking their kids seriously in terms of their career choices. I have been brought up in Jharkhand till I moved to Delhi for higher studies and many of my classmates who also studied in the same convent are doing exceptionally well in their careers and lives in India and abroad. And that has been a challenge for the state because even though we have best of the schools in the state, parents who can afford, get them educated and later send them to bigger cities due to lack of opportunities in the state. This brain drain has been happening for years and therefore individually Biharis are doing great around the world but not Bihar/Jharkhand.

I particularly loved few scenes – When Dhoni was to leave for Kharagpur and he was standing with his sister in balcony, when Railways senior staff was teaching him life lessons sitting on station bench based on different bowling style, when his railway friend had come to visit Dhoni in his hotel after he achieved success, Dhoni calling his dad and asking if he is happy after his win in Pakistan series and many such scenes. No matter how many times I would see these scenes, it will choke me every single time.

Sushant’s acting was top notch. I think he has understood Dhoni’s character very well. He captured Dhoni’s calmness, a cool head, and strong batting strokes intricately. It was a pleasure to watch how the character was so down to earth yet firm on his decisions on what he wants. His amazing people’s skill and ability to think forward. The great thing was that the movie didn’t focus much on his love life and was revolving more around his cricket, passion, and struggles.

Yes, there is nothing great or melodramatic in the movie but this definitely a one time watch just to understand the greatness of this man. When you see success after so much struggle, when you come from such background and when you have such family support, you have nothing to lose in life. I feel that makes Dhoni fearless and confident. He had seen worse and now the only way to go is Up!