Navy frigate INS Betwa set upright in Mumbai dockyard

Indian Navy frigate INS BETWA, which tipped over in the dockyard in Mumbai last December, has been set upright.
In a related move, the Board of Inquiry (BoI) constituted to probe the incident has submitted its report to the Headquarters, Western Naval Command. “The ship was made upright on Tuesday night and is now floating on even keel. The condition is good.
There is some water inside which is being pumped out,” Navy Spokesperson Capt. D.K. Sharma said on Wednesday.
The ship will now be moved to either Hughes or Duncan docks, both of which are close by, for further refitment .
Two people were killed and 14 injured when the 4,000 tonne indigenously built guided missile frigate INS BETWA suffered a mishap on December 05, 2016 while it was being undocked during a scheduled two-year refit.
The refit began on April 15, 2016 and is scheduled to finish on April 15, 2018.
The repair and refit would be completed as per schedule, Capt. Sharma said.
The salvage operation was carried out by specialist firm Resolve Marine Group which was selected through tendering process. The operation cost about Rs. 20 crore.
Source : The Hindu