The renowned annual Soorya Festival goes online much to the delight of the art aficionados.

The regular yearly 111 day long Festival held in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, over the years is going Online as an 11 day long Festival. The online presentation is the 43rd edition of Soorya Festival.  Every year, assiduously followed, the Festival gets started with the classical music concert of Padma Vibhushan K J Yesudas. This has been recurring every year, over the years without fail, excepting for one year when he had a performance in Australia. The online Festival too starts with a concert of Shri KJ Yesudas.

The online Festival includes pre-recorded performances of reputed artistes streamed over the internet for a duration of approximately 30 mins every day.

The Online Festival goes like this: Bharatanatyam performances by Meenakshi Srinivasan (October 2), Priyadarsini Govind (October 3), Divyaa Unni (October 4), Rama Vaidyanathan (October 5), Janaki Rangarajan (October 6), Mohiniyattam by Neena Prasad (October7) Bharathanatyam by Lakshmy Gopalaswamy (October 8), Kuchupudi by Manju Warrier (October 9), Bharathanatyam by Asha Sharath (October 10) and homage to Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Pandit Jasraj by Hindustani musician Pandit Ramesh Narayan (October 11).

Since the onset of the pandemic and the lockdowns Mr Soorya Krishnamoorthy, founder of the Soorya organisation, has been actively engaged on WhatsApp and online platforms sharing links of movies, Talks etc

Mr Soorya Krishnamoorthy mentions that they are also planning a 56 day long youth festival, National Festival of Youth, featuring films, theatre, music dance, Talks starting from 21 Dec,2020. This will be a physical event subject to the pandemic situation and permissions required.

Since Soorya festivals start promptly at 6.45 (IST) pm the online programmes are also being live streamed through Soorya Festival You Tube channel at that time.

You can watch them here ( 6.45 (IST) / 9.15pm( SGT) at Soorya Festival You Tube channel: