PE Celebrates SG50 through PE Talent Hunt 2015


Canberra CC in association with Pravasi Express held PE Talent Hunt 2015 on 25th January 2015. This event was held at Canberra CC and was supported by Canberra CC IAEC. The event inaugurated by Mdm Deivanai D/O Palani Anandan,(Chairperson of Canberra CC Indian Activity Executive Committee) and Chief guest of the event was Mdm Kalyani Vara, PBM (Canberra CC CCMC Chairperson)

The purpose of the event was to Identify Talent and at the same time integrate the Indian Diaspora through a common platform of Art and Culture.

Besides the Indian community this event was open to all races and we also saw performance from the other communities within Singapore.

The event was broken down into two categories of music and dance. Competition was further sub-divided within these categories to identify talent within two different age divisions of Junior age group (<14) years old and senior age group (15 and above).

Competitors had a choice to perform between various genres (classical & non-classical for music and classical, folk or cinematic for dance).

There was also a coloring and painting competition in the sidelines for children below the age of 10. The theme of the competition was SG50, to celebrate Singapore's 50 years of independent achievements.

The event was judged by prominent judges from India and Singapore. State award winner and leading Kannada playback singer Shri. Ramesh Chandra from India was leading the jury for music competition and  supported by playback singer Ms.Sangeeta Madhav. 

In  dance competition streams, Actor & Dancer Mythili Roy and Dancer & Film maker Ms Shanta Ratii  were heading the jury; and supported by Dancer & Choreographer Ms.Sampada Tayal and Dancer & Teacher Ms.Sujatha.

The event was well participated and attended. There was a lucky draw and, wonderful prices were given out to the enthusiastic winners.

Winners of the competition under the various categories and sub-classes are as below:-

Senior Division:


Solo Dance -Non Classical            

                Winner:  Biya Augustine

                1st Runner up:  Soniya Roopesh

                2nd Runner up: Tania Tan


Solo Dance -Classical      

                Winner:   Kshirja Govind

                1st Runner up:  Ginju Soumya

                2nd Runner up: Modak Mrunal Bharat


Group Dance    

                Winner:  SUTD Dance

                1st Runner up:  Jubilant Arts

                2nd Runner up: Global Rhythm


Solo Vocal – Classical      

                Winner:   Gayathri Krishnakumar

                1st Runner up:  Aparna Krishnan

                2nd Runner up: Sandhya R


Vocal Solo -Light Music

                Winner:   Karthik Venugopal

                1st Runner up:  Tony Jacob

                2nd Runner up: Archana Sharma


Junior Division:


Solo Vocal – Classical      

                Winner:   Amritha Devaraj

                1st Runner up:  Srirekha CK

                2nd Runner up: Neeraja Menon


Solo Vocal – Light music                

                Winner:  Amritha Devaraj

                1st Runner up:  Dhanush Anilkumar

                2nd Runner up: Pay Yun Zhen


Group Dance    

                Winner:   Jubilant Arts Group 1

                1st Runner up:  Jubilant Arts Group 2

                2nd Runner up: Sparkles


Solo Dance -Classical      

                Winner:  Ameya Haridasan

                1st Runner up:  Kalyani Hema Nair

                2nd Runner up: Mini Malavika


Solo Dance -Non Classical            

                Winner:  Ameya Haridasan

                1st Runner up:  Mini Malavika

                2nd Runner up: Sunishka Sriram


Childrens Activity:


                Winner:  Samiksha Kiran

                1st Runner up:  Sunishka Sriram

                2nd Runner up: Pramithi

Consolation Prizes          

                1              Jasmin Tay

                2              Chethana Mahadevan


                1              Riya Raox

Consolation Prizes                          

                1              Amritha Varshini