Picket 43 Malayalam Movie in Singapore


Picket 43 Malayalam Movie starring Prithviraj in Singapore from this weekend at GV Yishun.Book your tickets  online at www.nextgencinemas.com


Filmmaker Major Ravi strikes again with a movie laced with patriotism, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Unlike his previous outings that revolve around social themes, war and gunfights; Picket 43 captures the lives of two isolated soldiers, from India and Pakistan, who have newly taken the charge at their respective outposts. Hawaldar Harindran (Prithviraj) is posted alone in the dangerous terrain of an Indian army picket, Picket 43, known for regular ceasefire violations. Harindran meets Pakistani soldier Musharaff (Javed Jaffrey) on the other side of the border. Both share a great bond soon, despite the tensions between the two countries.

Despite their struggle to save their respective nations, the two soldiers develop a strong emotional bond. They cook food together, sing songs, play volleyball and exchange stories. The movie also pans through the personal lives of these army men, who are missing their families and have left behind their sorrows to protect their country.

The soothing music has blended well with the breath-taking visuals of Kashmir captured by cinematographer Jomon T John. The laughs induced in the film are due to performances of the actors than the sense of humour in the story. At the time of war and tensions existing between the two countries, the director, true to his nature, has stitched a film that says- let humanity prevail and the countries live in peace.

1) Initially Ravi developed the film with Mohanlal in mind for the lead role as usual in his previous films. But when approached, he was reluctant to take the role, because, he found the character not matching with his age, and said it suits for a younger actor and suggested Prithviraj's name.

2) Hakka aka Bacardi, a trained tracker Labrador which, play a pivotal role passed away recently. Bacardi which served the Indian Army for six years was headquartered at the army camp in Shopian and for the first time made an appearance in front of the camera for the Major Ravi film.