Pooram Kaanan Varanam ttaa!!!!, this tag line is now being profusely used by an enthusiastic bunch of people. Literally meaning In Malayalam language; Do come to see the Pooram!!!! (Festival). This invite is for the Singapore Pooram that is being organised on Sunday, Sept 1st.

Thrissur Pooram is the most famous of Poorams. Disheartened that they could not make it to their favourite Pooram, the Pooram enthusiasts here, decided to organise one such in Singapore -the Singapore Pooram. The intention is to replicate the Pooram proceedings in the best way possible.

Thrissur Pooram is a grand spectacle that draws mammoth crowds from across the world. This is celebrated with great pomp, splendour and ardent fervour in Thrissur, considered the cultural capital of the state of Kerala in South India.

This is an annual festival celebrated on the Pooram day (Malayalam Star) in the month of Medam (mid-April to mid-May). This resplendent festival is celebrated with a grand display of 50 over caparisoned elephants, dazzling parasols, percussion music and fireworks.

On this day the Gods and Goddesses from in and around Thrissur make their way on caparisoned elephants accompanied by Chenda melam, Pancha Vadyam, Panchari Melam  (orchestral ensembles) for a majestic assembly at the famous Vadakkumnathan Temple of Lord Shiva. The festival goes on for three days ending with a magnificent display of fireworks.

The highlight of the festival, the orchestral ensemble is led by huge groups of 200 musicians performing rhythmically with percussion instruments of Timila, Maddalam, Ilathalam,and Idakka and Kombu a wind instrument. Orchestra follows a certain pattern of rhythmic beats which is much lauded by the staunch supporters who go berserk with joy closely following every beat. The ensemble is led by stalwarts in the field.

Another highlight is Kudamattam or exchange of decorated umbrellas.

Each elephant that is part of Pooram ensemble is decorated with Nettipattam (Elephant Caparison), Aalavattam (circular shield fan decorated with peacock feathers), Venchamaram (Royal tuft fans) and Muttukuda (Decorated Umbrellas). In its original format, temple officials who are atop the elephants carry these and simply raise it up and down in rhythmic synchronicity to the orchestral ensemble.

For the Singapore Pooram, a 26 member orchestral ensemble led by Maestro Padmashri Peruvanam Kuttan Marar who leads the Melam in the Thrissur Pooram will be performing here along with other stalwarts.

Padmashri Peruvanam Kuttan Marar

Kudamattam that is done in a healthy competitive spirit between two groups of two temples on caparisoned elephants will be done here too, but symbolically.

Mr Ragesh Kumar who is in the organising team explains that they will be using elephants made with scaffoldings and elephant printed flex and Kudamattam will be performed on 6 such artificial elephants.

Alongside there will also be an exhibition of some of the paraphernalia used in Pooram called Pooram Chamayam.  And as fringe activity there will be Pulikali (Tiger dance; a folk art) by children with body paint and other dances put up by local talents.

This is happening on Sun, Sept 1st from 10 am to 6 pm at Social Innovation Park at 50 Punggol East.

 A crowd of 3000 people is expected to participate and Malayalees are agog with excitement to participate in this Singapore Pooram, a festival that crosses racial and religious barriers. So be there, Pooram Kaanan Varanam ttaa !!!!! Details:www.singaporepooram.com