Progressing India into the next Millennium


Photo: Lijesh Photography

A community event was held at the Singapore Expo on the 24th of November to celebrate the visit of H.E. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.

The event was attended by a crowd of upto 15,000. The theme of the event was ‘Singapore Welcomes Modi’.

Prime Minister Modi, started of with thanking Singapore for extending the Diwali light up of Little India by one week. He thanked all Indians overseas for keeping India’s flag flying high and spreading love and happiness wherever they go.

The whole world is one family ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ he said, and Indians have lived up to that saying by adapting and integrating into the culture of their adopted country very well.

PM Modi paid tribute to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and admired Mr. Lee’s determination and effort in transforming Singapore from a fishing village to a first world country. He said Singapore is example of progression and prosperity for all to be seen and experienced in a single generation of leadership. Prime Minister Modi said a big nation like India has a lot to learn from Singapore.

PM Modi spoke about the Swach Bharat Abhyaan and said that it’s not only about cleanliness but a mindset of change whilst moving the nation towards clean governance.

He spoke about the importance of Foreign Direct Investment – FDI, and how his government has brought in a 40% growth in FDI’s to the benefit of the nation. He mentioned that in his terminology FDI is First Develop India. His vision of FDI-2-FDI (Foreign Direct Investment to First Develop India) will generate job opportunities as well as infrastructure as India moves towards development.

PM Modi stressed on his Make In India effort by opening up 49% of India’s defense development for FDI’s. He mentioned that if great technology exists that will help to modernize the defense system indigenously, he may consider opening up FDI’s to 100%.

He mentioned that India has the youngest population in the world (65% of the population is below the age of 35), and will be the rudder of developing India. But to gain momentum he said, crediting jobs and sharpening the skill-set of this group of population is important.  He spoke about partnerships with Singapore and Germany brining this expertise into India.

PM Modi spoke about his vision of having every household in India, lighted up with 24×7 electricity by 2022. He mentioned that India is looking into various avenues to generate energy, without affecting the environment in any major way. He said India will adopt modern methodologies such as Nuclear power plants, non-fossil fuel, solar power and other source of renewable energy to generate electricity to power up the nation.

He spoke about the importance of building bilateral relationships with nations and also mentioned that groupism between nations will not work anymore as the entire world is interdependent today for survival.

He concluded his speech by seeking the co-operation and support of the Indian diaspora, towards achieving his vision of a progressive and powerful India.

The event kicked off with programs performed by various cultural groups representing the moods and colours of India, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Gujarat to Bengal thus spanning the whole country.