Review of Neethee – a short film by Panayam Liju


Neeti means morality, justice, code of conduct and more. Nee = You & Thee = fire.
This short film by പനയം ലിജു does make you burn as it exhorts you to be the flame. Kudos to the director for conveying a strong message effectively.
There are layers to the movie from the beginning starting with the unethical nurse. Breach of privacy is so easy with smart phones & through social media. You don’t have to wonder what must have followed next.Then that reminder to wear your helmet, how kind of that older lady.
The editing of the film feels crisp. The male teacher who condones the wrongful actions of his male student, definitely would curl up crying if it was done to him, is conveyed briskly.
If Parents & Teachers truly follow neeti where raising & teaching boys is concerned, India wouldn’t be hashtagged the way it is now.
Parents of daughters can only hope. Parents of boys however have the reins in their hands and hold the power to bring about a beginning to the end of such incidents. Parents of boys, especially in India, need to enroll every boy in a compulsory class where they are taught a code of conduct. Here every male would have to internalise the meaning of consent, respect, gender equality, personal space and especially the meaning of the word ‘no’. Caning would be an effective way to ensure that such a code of conduct is followed. ‘Or else’ should not just apply to girls but to boys too.