Shantha Ratii Initiatives’ “it is Mix’tUp5” -Alignment and Disruption on 29 March 2017


Singapore: “Alignment and Disruption”, It is an out-reach program and the entry is free.

This time Shantha Ratii Initiatives (SRI) exploring western contemporary dance with Bharatanatyam; inter-twining, releasing and soaring…!

When contemporary dance movement started in the 1950s and 1960s in America, as a breakaway from the conventional and fairy-tale-like ballet stories, the pioneers like Ruth St Denis and Ted Shawn were already infusing Indian dance movements to it…

Here SRI explore how contemporary dance can express Indian classical rhythms through their trained bodies, not confining to footwork.

29 March, 8pm @Artistry Cafe
17, Jalan Pinang (Off. Victoria St.)
Singapore – 199149

Free Entry!