Simple recipe for an Indian dessert-Carrot Halwa


Simple recipe for an Indian dessert-Carrot Halwa


Milk-1/4 cup
Sugar-1/4 cup (and 1tbsp more if needed.)
Ghee-2-4 tsp
Nuts-Almonds, Cashews or Walnuts

Method of preparation

Grate the carrot into fine pieces using a grater.

In a non stick pan, add 1tsp Ghee, sauté the grated carrot in the ghee for 2 minutes, now add 1/2 cup milk. Cook the carrot well, closing the lid.

When it gets dry, add sugar and powdered cardamom.

Stir well until dry. Finally add the rest of (1 tsp) ghee.

If you prefer the halwa to be sweeter, add the rest of the sugar; and saute it until carrot gets slightly fried  in the ghee; turn off when it's light brown.

Garnish with crushed nuts or slivered almonds .

Serve it hot or cold with or without Ice cream.