Singapore Kerala Karnival on 25th May 2013


Kerala Karnival is a Malayalee Community event, organized to bring together the Singapore Malayalees and their friends in Singapore. This will be a fun filled authentic Malayalee event for all age groups and it will be held May 25th 2013 at Meyar Coast ECP.

It is first of its kind of beach party with India's topmost alternative rock band “Avial” performing live at the beach after the inauguration programs. The leading national award winner actress from South India, Miss Priyamani  and other celebrities will add more spices to the extravaganza.

The Karnival also showcase the oldest martial arts form the wold, and Kerala's pride 'Kalarippayattu"  in its routine form  and all its beauty. Kathakali, the traditional art form will also be performed  and the viewers will get the full  glimpse of the richness of the ancient Kerala's own Art form.

The Karnival is exclusively intended for the Keralites and  will be same with the cusine also.The theme of food would be authentic Keralite, form snacks to full course Sadya with everyone can savour a nice and long Sunday brunch.

This event will also bring the nostalgic carnivals memories with the loads of  fun filled games that we have seen in the Gods Own country mostly in olden days. This traditional Keralite games will be also one of the major attractions in the Karnival. There are several other fun filled games, competition for kids and other age groups,  which will take you to festive atmosphere, along with  key attractive performance of "Avial band" from Kerala.

The exclusive event which is a complete entertainer for the whole family, showcasing live rock band, exclusive traditional food and performance. This will surely be a nostalgic tour to our Gods Own Country even for a short time.

Avial Song: NADA NADA…..

The event will be held in East Coast Park, Meyer park, Mayers Coast from 11am to 7 pm. The early bird ticket costs for adults is $35 and for child is $15 until 15th May 2013.

Contact  for dance competition, performances  and Sponsorships: Sudhir: +65 9220 3666

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