Singapore, 25 November 2020 – Singtel today launched Liquid-X, a next generation cloud-based  networking platform which streamlines network management by integrating multi-cloud access,  analytics and security. This provides enterprises with centralised control, flexibility and scalability to  manage their different networks around the world. 

Mr Lim Seng Kong, Managing Director, Singtel Enterprise Business at Group Enterprise said, “The  global pandemic has driven more enterprises to rely on the cloud to host their data and solutions. For  enterprises with global operations, it is a challenge to manage multiple clouds hosting their workloads  as each cloud requires a separate connectivity. Liquid-X’s launch is timely in addressing enterprises’  need for an all-in-one cloud-based network solution which simplifies and secures their cloud  connectivity, provides a flexible, cost-efficient way to access cloud workloads globally and gives insights into network performance.” 

Liquid-X is supported by Singtel’s worldwide points-of-presence network infrastructure across 362  cities and partnerships with major public cloud and cloud-based software providers to provide assured  multiple cloud access and consistent network performance.  

Through MyConnect, Singtel’s self-service portal, Liquid-X’s analytics function enables enterprises to  make data-driven network management decisions such as selecting the most suitable cloud or internet  service provider for their worldwide branches. The portal also enables enterprises to centrally  implement network policies, scale up network bandwidth, create new cloud connections on-demand,  manage offices’ access into multiple clouds and deploy cloud solutions where they are needed.  

To ensure secure cloud connectivity, Liquid-X is integrated with Singtel’s Managed Software-Defined  Wide Area Network (SD WAN) solution to provide round-the-clock performance monitoring, detection  and response to any network anomalies. With Singtel’s extensive global SD WAN coverage through  20 SD-WAN gateways worldwide, enterprises will enjoy secure, faster data traffic routing and more  efficient access to major public clouds.  

In addition to providing the convenience of multi-cloud access, network insights and security all in one  solution, Liquid-X has a flexible pay-per-use pricing model which helps enterprises cut down fixed  operating costs for connectivity that is not fully utilised.

Liquid-X represents the next step in Singtel’s vision of combining leading edge software defined  technologies, network analytics and security to provide its customers with global cloud connectivity to  drive their digital transformation. In 2020, Singtel was named a Leader in IDC’s Marketplace for Asia  Pacific Next-generation Telcos Assessment 20201. Singtel also clinched the Best WAN Solution  Provider at the Carrier Community Global Awards 2020 and Singapore Cloud Infrastructure Services  Provider of the Year in 2020 by Frost & Sullivan.