SPLASH, as it rains in Wayanad


The South Indian state of Kerala is known for taking innovative initiatives to promote its tourist spots as 365-day destinations. When it comes to virgin locations, which hold immense tourism potential, the amount of effort put into turn them as sought-after tourist spots is just enormous. What is worth mentioning is the support the state government lends to organisations that strive to attract travellers from across the globe to a particular destination in the state. The actions it takes are there for everyone to see. For instance, had it not been for its support, the Wayanad monsoon carnival SPLASH would not have been a huge success. The event is also a perfect example of joint efforts of the state government and a non profit organisation – Wayanad Tourism Organisation – that was set up to plan, initiate and support meaningful steps that lead to the growth of tourism in this north-eastern part of God’s own country, to promote a hitherto virgin and pristine destination.

Into its fourth year, SPLASH has played a major role in attracting foreign arrivals to Wayanad, especially during the monsoon season, which was earlier a lean period for the tourism industry. And SPLASH, which has, to an extent, positioned Wayanad as a monsoon destination in both domestic and international tourism circuits, has caught the attention of global tourism as the most innovative initiative on monsoon tourism promotion.

The festival is designed in a way to offer the local flavour of the destination to the travellers. Sightseeing tours arranged as part of the event cover almost all the prominent attractions in this scenic destination nestled in the Western Ghats. And, there is no better time to enjoy the spectacular beauty of gurgling streams and skipping waterfalls, than when it rains in Wayanad. In order to provide a clear picture of accommodation facilities available here, visits to various hotels, resorts, homestays, etc., are integral part of sightseeing tours.

Another major attraction of the monsoon carnival is cultural programmes. You will hardly get an opportunity such as this to immerse yourself into a variety of traditional art forms in a single platform. To add more spice to the event, Wayanad Tourism Organisation also arranges a number of indoor and outdoor games, and competitions. Outdoor games like Mud Football, Country Rafting, River Crossing, etc., will be a unique experience for the travellers. Adventure sport is also an integral part of the monsoon fest and it’s an opportunity for the event organisers to showcase Wayanad’s offerings to the lovers of adventure sports.

If you like to explore the lofty peaks, mist clad hills and dales, large rocks, dense forests, fruit orchards, rivulets and waterfalls of Wayanad, while splashing in the rain, SPLASH sets the stage for you. This year, the monsoon festival will be held from July 12-15. And, it’s an opportunity to know Wayanad more personally and intimately.