Talking about Suicide!


Depression and emotional insecurities can often lead to suicidal tendencies. Suicide is a growing epidemic worldwide and Singapore is no exception. Economic, societal, medical and personal stress factors such as unemployment, debt, loneliness, depression, substance addiction and relationship issues can all be triggers to push a person over the edge.

Suicide and how to help people on the throes of it is the topic for an upcoming Talk and Interactive Session presented by the Ladies Wing of SMA (Singapore Malayalee Association)

Subject: “It’s OK to Talk about SUICIDE”. 
Talk and Interactive Session on how to help those in Acute Distress.

Shivram Chandrasekhar who has been counselling suicidal individuals for more than ten years explains, “They undergo an acute sense of Hopelessness, a feeling that they have reached the end of their tolerance level. The pain they feel is so intense and overwhelming that at that period of time they ae unable to think rationally.

So any appeal to consider the sorrow and plight of people they leave behind does not register on them. But generally ‘the urge’ is short-lived and even though the underlying problems may persist, most individuals being ambivalent (leaning towards suicide one instant and to living the next) look out and hang on to that sliver of hope that can help them”.

Strong family and community support during key moments can play a vital role in mitigating suicide risk.

The Speakers in the event: 

Mr Shivram Chandrasekhar has a Masters in Professional Counselling and is a certified Counsellor doing voluntary work with many organisations like WINGS, AAYS and others.  And Mr JK Saravana, the other speaker has been instrumental in starting an online anti-suicide movement (I Killed Suicide).He has tried to expose the trauma the victims leave behind on their loved ones with heart-breaking interviews and videos.

About the event:  

The Talk: “It’s OK to Talk about SUICIDE”. 
Talk and Interactive Session on how to help those in Acute Distress.

(in English)

Date: Sun, June 3rd
Time: 3 to 5 pm
Venue: Hall at SMA, 44 Race Course Road, Singapore:218558

Admission: FREE but Kindly Register at / 6293 9195

At this event speakers will share their experience with suicidal clients as well as counselling and intervention techniques that can be used to assist an individual in crisis.