Team India Reprise


As it dawns tomorrow Team India will know where they stand in Group B of the on-going WC2015.  By the time this article goes to press, the match would between South Africa and West Indies would have started, laying a foundation in securing a key spot in the group standings.

India for now are placed well after having won their first two games.  The finish was clinical with the plans being executed spot on.  This will lead to a question.  Have India peaked in too early ?

Have India peaked in too early ?  The answer will be – India have found the right combination that have decided to play hard and win games.  Remember these are the same players who were part of the team, beaten in the test series by Australia.  These are the same players who were part of the team, beaten in the Tri-series which was played very recently in Australia.

Hence the question should be !  How did this transformation happen ?  I think each and every individual in the Indian team have started to believe in themselves.  They have the self-belief that they can win it.  In Dhoni, India probably has the best captain in this world cup, who has managed to instill the self-belief in each and every member of the team.

India is batting well.  All the top five batsmen are among runs.  The bowlers have managed to get into the rhythm of getting the ball to be landed in the right places.  The field support has been top notch and maximum effort can be seen by every individual.

Dhawan's return to form coupled with the control, the pace bowlers have displayed during the course of the games have been some of the highlights of India's consistency.  Hope this momentum can be maintained as Team India moves forward towards their title defense.  For a change the pressure is on the India supporters to ensure continued support, rather than on the players.  

Expectations were low when India faced Pakistan in their opening game.  Expectations were low when India faced South Africa in their second game.  Last but not the least, expectations should still be low, so that each and every one of us can enjoy the moment of victory as this Team progresses towards the next stage.