Timeless Tales 2021 : A Review


The new edition of Timeless Tales just premiered last weekend and this time it was in a brand new format. The Big Screen!

Opening to Carnival Cinemas’s Golden Mile Tower 1000 seater hall, the evening was one of glamour and glitz.

The festival showcased 5 short films shot in multiple countries.

The first movie was “Psycho-logical” starring the beautiful Inya Kang, who glitters as the starlet in this classical retelling of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, but with a twist. Fingal Olsson played the iconic “Master Bates” role with renewed humour, under the directorial diligence of Anindita Ghosh. The title served as the perfect opener to the evening’s spread.

Fingal Olsson (left) and Inya Kang (right)

It was followed by “Put a Ring on it”, starring the real life and reel life couple Himanshu Motial and Shalima Motial. Narrated as a tale of reminiscence by the duo, the film explores the nuances of a long marriage. The actors played their parts with intriguing chemistry that was aptly complemented by Mehr Motial and Sandeep Singh who had cameos to portray the characters’ younger versions. The film had a great background score as well.

The third film was “A beautiful home”, written by Shayantani and directed by Shammika Mukherjee. The movie narrates the life of a few middle-aged women in India, who are looking at life with an alternative perspective by drawing comparisons to the Mahabharata. Although the connections to the epic was at times weak and uninformed, the movie presents an important message in terms of women empowerment which was juxtaposed with gorgeous shots by Shubh Mukherjee, giving the viewers a visual treat.

The fourth in the line up was the horror tale “The Lighthouse”, directed by Gauri Srivastava Gupta. It is a paranormal tale based on Singapore’s infamous haunted lighthouse. The movie had strong performances from Elaine Siow, Anu Singh, Shalima Motial, Konrad Kuc and Jack Hyde. The film also touched bases regarding the life of domestic workers in Singapore which was applaudable.

The final film was the love story “Love, Yours Truly”. The film tells of a love story from the past, wrapped in a smartly packed guise of a book reading. The film was directed by Neeraja Rao and Ayana Chatterjee, and opened with a female empowerment message. There was definitely great chemistry between the leads Anindita Ghosh and Saideep Issrani, who essayed their roles with ease. The other members of the cast also delivered strong performances and included the eccentrically endearing Martin Karnolsky, the humourously lovable Federico Balmas, the graceful Sukanya Pushkarna, Sasha Tomlin, Neera Gupta and Sachi Joshi.

Martin Karnolsky (left), Anindita Ghosh (centre) and Saideep Issrani (right)

Timeless Tales has yet again delivered another visual treat in a new format that viewers can enjoy in the big screen. The second showing is scheduled for 13 November 2021.

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Link to the trailers here!