Timeless Tales is Back!


After 2 successful seasons as Singapore’s biggest multi-ethnic Theatre Festival – this year the producers Anindita Ghosh of ArcLight Productions & Shalima Motial of Dream Catchers – have created a Film Edition with 5 films in 1 show! Featuring a host of 35+ multi-ethnic local & international artists of 13+ nationalities – celebrating the cosmopolitan spirit of Singapore.

This year’s Timeless Tales Film Edition is being Supported by the High Commission of India in Singapore. The films have been travelling across the globe through official selections, screenings and winning awards at prestigious International Film Festivals. “PsychoLogical”, a thriller, has won Outstanding Achievement Award in LIAFF India, reached Top 5 in Paris Film Festival, Jury Award in Turkey,  Finalist/Selections at Film Festivals in Sweden, UK, US & Russia – amongst thousands of films from across the globe. Another Romantic Feature “Love, Yours Truly” has won Best Director Award in BIFF London, Best Actress at TIFF India, and top nominations at New York, Turkey & other film festivals already.

Anindita Ghosh, TTFE Producer, Director & Actor, Founder & Director of ArcLight Productions Singapore, says, “Covid has posed challenges as well as created new opportunities. We were driven towards making films instead of our traditionally popular theatre festival because of the restrictions, but now our Timeless Tales content has reached audiences all over the globe literally, through International Film Festivals selections, screenings & awards won. We have taken our local artists to a world stage now!”

Just like her partner, Shalima Motial too has put on more than one hat for this year’s festival. She says, “It’s been an awesome experience yet again being a Producer & Actor as well as playing many roles in-between. We hope to entertain Singapore & bring some smiles after a tough period that all of us have gone through.Having written and acted in films during lockdown, gave me this confidence, it’ll be well received here.Looking forward to multiple shows by the end of the year.”

Covid-19 has posed tough challenges for freelance artists in Singapore. But to keep up the spirit of creating new works of art & entertaining audiences in Singapore – producers Anindita & Shalima decided to harness the power of community, talents and collaboration – to create Timeless Tales Film Edition in 2021 – braving all odds of covid restrictions & uncertainties, budget constraints, etc.

This year’s array of films include:

1. Love, Yours Truly: A love story of 3 entangled souls through the pages of a #Notebook. (45 mins featurette) Directed by Neeraja Rao, Ayana Chatterjee, Anindita Ghosh (CD)

Sarah has lost her memories to dementia and her husband Dave is trying to revive them by reading to her the notebook where she has journaled her life.

Going down memory lane – they hit upon a turbulent chapter that had changed their lives forever.

Will they be able to Forgive? Forget?

2. The Lighthouse: A paranormal tale based on Singapore’s infamous haunted #Lighthouse (15 mins). Directed by Gauri Srivastava Gupta

Stoic, silent, secretive. A harbinger of hope, solitary yet formidable. What are the stories it sees unfold? The Lighthouse has one to tell.

3. Psycho/Logical: A re-imagination of Alfred Hitchcock’s cult classic #thriller (14 mins) Directed by Anindita Ghosh

A beautiful lady is alone at a deserted hotel. A spine-chilling encounter ensues with an intruder. How will the night end? Who will survive this psychological scrimmage?

4.  Put A Ring On It: A musically rich peek into the #secrets of a seemingly perfect marriage (18 mins) Directed by Himanshu Motial

While reminiscing the milestone events in their happily married life, Kevin and Anna come face to face with the white elephant in the room.

5. A Beautiful Home: Contemporary parallels of female mythological characters of the Indian #epic Mahabharata, set in a homestay for women on the mystical shores of Varanasi (13 mins) Directed by Shammika Mukherjee (Film from India, collaboration with a Bollywood based production house)

Timeless Tales 2021 is scheduled for 25 Sep & 23 Oct 2021 | 6pm onwards for a Red Carpet & Grand Premiere at Carnival Cinemas Singapore.

Book your tickets @ https://carnivalcinemas.sg/

Link to the trailers here!