Ugram Roudram Karunam: A Chat Show about a song


Singapore, India and USA artistes collaborate to make a song. Lyrics in Malayalam penned at USA, set to music at Singapore and sung and recorded in India. The song is about Sri Narasimha moorthy, the fierce and powerful Avatar of Lord Vishnu, part lion and part man that incarnated to destroy evil.

Live Streamed On: Thursday, 13 May

Time: 8.30 pm (SGT) / 6 pm (IST)

Platform: Focus Malayalam Facebook page

The song is about the deity of Sree Narasimha Swamy Temple in Perumpilly, Ernakulam.

Umadevi T.N, the lyricist, is a proficient Malayalam writer residing in Virginia, USA.

The music direction is by Nishant.T.P, a prominent Carnatic music teacher in SIFAS (Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society) Singapore, and melodiously sung by accomplished Carnatic vocal enthusiast Divya Pradeesh from India.

The Chat Show will discuss how this international collaboration came about during these Pandemic times. The show will feature singing by the accomplished singers of not just this composition, but also some popular melodies in Malayalam.

This music-filled chat show is supported by Focus Malayalam and Soorya (Singapore)