“Cinema is my family” says Vijay Sethupathi


Technicians plays a vital role in the growth of film industry since ages, but many of the skilled and talented technicians are slowly getting thrown away from the industry because of the rapid growth of modern technologies. In order to honour those senior most technicians on this 100th year of Tamil Cinema, filmmaker SP Jananathan, the founder of ULAGAYUTHA is organising an event on May 1st, in which actor Vijay Sethupathi gives 100 sovereign gold medals for 100 senior technicians. This 100 sovereign of gold is sponsored by Vijay Sethupathi.

“Modern technologies has washed out the old human skilled works from Film Industry. For example, in these days we are finding it rare to see the live musicians because recorded music loops has over taken the works of live musicians. This is a small initiative taken by our ULAGAYUTHA to honour those skilled technicians. I must thank Vijay Sethupathi for whole heartedly accepting to honour the technicians with gold” says filmmaker SP Janananthan

“I am here only because of the technicians and i know the value of them. Honouring them on this 100 years of Tamil Cinema is my blessing. Cinema is my family and the technicians are my family members. I sincerely thank SP Janananthan sir for giving this wonderful opportunity to honour my family members. These are not medals to preserve but gold to be useful in the necessary times” says Vijay Sethupathi in a joyful tone.