Watch Malayalam Web Series – Kushumbum Kunnaymayum


The short-film cast of ‘Thanal | തണൽ ‘, a heart-warming script is now back with a Comedy Web Series – Kushumbum Kunnaymayum | K&K. The series is completely filmed remotely due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

The team is just a normal family gang with 9-5 jobs who hangout and meetup over weekends/holidays, but due to the Covid-19 restrictions had to move all the talks/ meets/laughs/gossip online. This birthed the idea of scripting and broadcasting some of their hilarious moments to a wider audience to spread the LOLs and ROFLs. 

Muralee Krishnan is the writer and director of this Web series after his successful debut short film “Thanal”. He and his wife Gayathry played lead roles in ‘Thanal’ (Short film), ‘49’ (Full-fledged movie) and have been part of many family short plays. In this Series, Muralee and Gayathry perform the role of a family who is obsessed with getting the most # of views on their YouTube channel. We can surely relate to these scenes as the YouTube channel craze is overwhelming these days. Muralee portrays the role of an obedient husband who helps his wife in cooking and promoting her channel whereas Gayathry aggressively promotes her cooking channel and competes with her friends to get most of the views on her channel. They have added many funny elements which will definitely make the audience laugh.

Biju Kurup is also a well- known face and has proved his acting skills in multiple short films (Lover the First Kiss, Thanal & Anarchy), stage dramas (Aarachar) and album (Priyam). He is portraying the role of a husband who tirelessly works to please his wife with his cooking skills. Biju makes a twist in this series by acting together with his wife Kala, who made her debut in this Web Series, but definitely has done an outstanding performance with her effortless, natural acting. She performs the role of Gayathry’s friend who craftily hides her cooking initiatives to get more views on her channel.

Vivek and Veena form the next family who are engaged with this ‘Channel War’. Both of them are active members of SKKN and have performed major roles in the stage drama ’Aarachar’. Here, Vivek plays the role of husband who is  addicted to video games and Veena, portrays the role of another friend of Gayathry, who understands her tactics in getting more views for her channel and so tries to drag her husband to promote her cooking channel and we can see many funny elements there too.

The child Artists Sivani, Meenakshi and Medhu have a minor role and that has definitely added extra spice to the ‘Channel War’. The first episode ends with a suspense factor to keep the audience anticipating until the next episode. ‘Channel War’ can be streamed in ‘YouTube’ now