The second edition of PE Talent Hunt 2017 organized by Pravasi Express was held on 21st January 2017 at Canberra Community Centre. The event, supported by Canberra CC Indian Activity Executive Committee was inaugurated by Mdm Deivanai PBM, (Chairperson of Canberra CC, IAEC) and Singapore Kairalee Kala Nilayam (SKKN) Advisors Stephan Samuel and D.Sudheeran.

The event aimed to identify talents and integrate the Indian Diaspora through a common platform of art and culture. It was open to all races besides the Indian community to showcase their talents. Competitions were held in 14 categories for three different age groups (Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior) in dance, music and visual arts. More than 200 participants from Indian diaspora and other communities in Singapore showcased their talents in PE Talent hunt 2017.

MP of Sembawang GRC, Dr Lim Wee Kiak, was the Guest of Honour for the presentation ceremony of the events. Trophies and certificates were awarded to the winners including all participants.

Winners of PE Talent Hunt 2017
Sub Junior – Colouring ( 1. Sunishka Sriram 2. Shriya Sudarshan 3. Rudra Dev)
Sub Junior –Drawing (1. Shrinithi Gowrisankar 2. Sainath Ananthalingam 3. Avyukth Ratheesh)
Sub Junior -Light Music (1. NIveditha Subhash 2. Arya Ramesh Nair 3. Feba Jibin)
Sub Junior Dance (1. Sunishka Sriram 2. Shraddha Singh 3. Khyati Padhy)
Sub Junior Dance –Group (1. Joan Johwin & Team 2. Niranjan Avinash & Team 3. Team Mayuri)
Junior Vocal solo Light Music (1. Senthil Kumar Harshini Adithi 2. Aiswarya Chiyyarath Sajeevkumar 3. Meenakshi Vinayan)
Junior Vocal solo Classical (1. Keerthana Babu Gopakumar 2. Neha Ramesh Nair 3. Rishidhor R Ramamoorthy)
Junior Solo Dance – Cine / Folk (1. Tharun Thirumeni Nathan 2. Ameya Haridasan 3. Sudeep Bharghavan)
Junior Solo Dance Classical (1. Kalyani Hema Nair 2. Srilekha Chandrasekhara 3. Devika Menon)
Junior Group Dance (1. Kaliyan Group 2. Joshilla Group 3. Kavya Vinod Nambiar Team)
Senior Vocal Solo light music (1. Krishnan Bharath Arun Prasad 2. T Natarajan Lalitha 3. Sanjeev Sharma)
Senior solo dance (folk/ cinematic) (1.Shwetha Sharma)
Senior Solo Dance -Classical (1. Ambikakumar Santhakumari Krishna Kumar 2. Janaki H Nair 3. Archana Pradeep Kumar)
Senior Group Dance (1. Group Ashtapati 2. Team Nakshatras 3. Team Shakti)

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