Wireless Charging! Intel Bowl is here.

Intel is gong to revolutionize the gadget world by their new charging bowl. The smart charging bowl is a reference design built to make charging more convenient, launched at CES this week along with the  Intel's Jarvis smart headset.
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich addressing the CES conference said that "It is just a simple bowl, which is like many of the revolutionizing  innovations seen at CES that never make it to market, but this drew the largest reaction from the people in the  conference". He also shared the smart charging bowl's less than glamorous journey from concept to production, joking that a team simply bought a cheap bowl at Walmart that they then wired up. 
The smart wireless charging bowl is approximately 10 inch in diameter and works via magnetic resonance technology, which Intel said is the foundation for the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) wireless charging standard that it is helping to develop. The reference design is capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously without exact alignment or placement and users will be able to throw their smartphones and tablets into the bowl to charge without having to mess around with fiddly charging cables or ports.
The chipmaker said that it is developing wireless charging technology to deliver "no wires convenience" based on the A4WP industry specification across a broad range of mobile devices in the future, such as headsets, smartphones, tablets and laptops.