99% of TECH graduates get jobs within one year.


TECH Technological University leads the employability ranking with an offer of academic degrees adapted to the demand of the current labor market

The demand for professionals with higher and postgraduate training has increased in recent years, an aspect on which TECH Technological University has focused with the launch of a wide range of degrees focused on increasing the employability of its students. Thanks to the skills and abilities developed through these programs, the percentage of graduates who get a job in line with their level of qualification in less than a year, after completing their academic program is 99%.

The world’s largest online university has found that specialists with higher skills and competencies are more likely to have access to jobs at the highest level, with greater economic profitability and job prestige. Therefore, the focus of TECH Singapore in each one of its degrees is that of effective practice, ensuring the combination of the most refined theory with simulated cases and real examples that help students to contextualize and apply all the knowledge gotten.

Also, these degrees are created by the best experts in each area, carefully selected by the university for both their professional and academic success. Thus, thousands of students culminate their learning experiences each year with greater possibilities for career growth, supported by innovative knowledge in their field through the course of graduate degrees adapted to all kinds of situations and professional profiles.

However, this is not only an opportunity for those actively seeking employment. The World Economic Forum has warned that due to current technological and industrial progress, half of workers will have to update their skills to keep their jobs. This drives a constant search for knowledge in areas such as medicine, business, finance, IT (Information Technology), design or video games, all of which are covered by TECH in their faculties.

Recognized by Forbes as the best online university in the world

The prestigious Forbes magazine has recognized TECH as the best online university in the world, highlighting the implementation of modern technologies in its pedagogical method of online learning, dispensing with face-to-face classes and schedules, TECH gives its students total freedom to adapt the course load to their own interests or responsibilities, as all content is accessible from any device with an internet connection.

TECH’s prestige has also earned it the endorsement of being the Official University of the NBA, with a unique collaboration in which students will have access to innovative content in the field of physical activity. Whether they are athletes, healthcare professionals, or entrepreneurs, its programs cover the most key areas of business and the sports industry with the practical knowledge necessary to become experts in the area.

“In addition to having the endorsement of being the official university of the NBA, TECH has been recognized by Forbes as the best online graduate school in the world.”

Moreover, such is the growth of this university that it is now the largest online academic center globally, offering its degrees in more than 10 different languages, including Italian. For aspects such as this, the Financial Times has placed it among the 200 fastest-growing companies on the European continent.

More than 10,000 university degrees and innovative method

TECH currently offers a wide range of professional updating and training courses. Its more than 10,000 degrees range from bachelor’s and master’s degrees based on broad fields of knowledge, to Experts and University Courses for professionals seeking a more focused specialization.

“TECH is adapting to today’s labor market demand for highly qualified specialists with the launch of more than 10,000 online graduate degrees”

All these programs are backed by an unprecedented teaching staff of more than 5,000 experts, academics and professors from all professional areas. The outstanding experience of each of them is a guarantee of quality for the degrees, as they integrate their own practical method into the syllabus.

On the other hand, the institution is being aware that pedagogical innovation is necessary in an ever-changing educational world, TECH has refined and perfected the Relearning method for the development of its degrees. In this way, the student will not have to invest long hours in getting all the knowledge offered, but rather the key concepts and most relevant practical techniques will be reiterated in a natural way throughout the academic process.

All this forms an essential opportunity for professionals in all possible specialties or branches of work, with graduate education being a requirement to reach the best professional positions, TECH students have the advantage of access to comprehensive, fully digital information adapted to today’s job market.