Tony Sebastian Sets New Record for Longest Stay in a Car to Combat Hunger


Singapore, April 2024 – In a remarkable display of endurance and commitment, a local YouTube creator and fervent volunteer for Food From The Heart (FFTH), Tony Sebastian, has set a new record for the longest stay in a car. Spending 112 hours traversing all 28 districts of Singapore, he used the stunt to drive significant awareness and support for food insecurity, while promoting the FFTH’s “Heart on Wheels” food donation event.

Starting on February 27 and culminating on March 3, 2024, his journey was not only about setting a record but also highlighting a critical cause. “The main motivation behind this record attempt was to raise awareness for FFTH’s ‘Heart on Wheels’, a national food donation drive-thru event,” he explained. The event itself took place on March 2 and 3, directly benefitting from the publicity generated by his record-setting drive.

The challenges of living in a car for nearly five days were manifold. He faced logistical issues such as managing meals, securing safe places to sleep, and maintaining personal hygiene. “Sleeping was the most challenging part. The rules required that I couldn’t keep the engine running, so I relied on a tiny USB fan for ventilation, which broke down on the very first night,” he shared. Despite these hardships, he managed his needs efficiently, with Paradise Biryani providing meals and utilizing public facilities for other necessities.

Each day brought its unique set of obstacles and memorable experiences. “One of the most heart-wrenching moments was during a Bread Run for FFTH when I personally delivered bread to those waiting for food late at night. It underscored the reality of food insecurity right here in our city,” he recounted.

His family and sponsors played crucial roles in his endeavor. The Land Rover Defender 110 provided by Wearnes Automobiles was essential for comfort and mobility, while his family, including his young children, helped with logistical support and moral encouragement.

Upon completing the challenge, he reflected on the broader impact of his efforts. “Achieving this milestone felt incredible, not just for the record but for the opportunity to spotlight the ongoing issue of food insecurity,” he said. His achievement was officially recognized by the Singapore Book of Records and helped gather substantial community donations during the “Heart on Wheels” event.

Looking forward, he remains committed to his work with FFTH and plans to expand his outreach through new initiatives on his YouTube channel. He also emphasized the ongoing challenges in addressing hunger, referencing a recent study highlighting that a significant portion of Singaporeans still face food insecurity.

This record-setting journey was not just about personal achievement but also about fostering a stronger community through collective action against hunger. His story and the success of the “Heart on Wheels” event are testaments to the power of innovative charity work and community involvement in addressing some of society’s most pressing issues.

For more information on the efforts to combat hunger and how to get involved, visit the Food From The Heart website and the Singapore Book of Records page for more details on the record.