As per the director the movie was based on a real life woman, the story of Prabhavati amma, a kerala woman who fought and won a hideous, drenching and dragging legal battle because of the death of her son in police custody.

After reading the story on newspaper about the historic judgement about the death penalty warranted to two policemen for custodial death of a prisoner, the actor-writer Ananth N M decided to make the movie Mai Ghat : Crime No 103/2005.

Usha Jadhav in Movie as “Prabha Mai”

The Marathi movie was screened today in SGSAIFF 2019 (Singapore South Asia International Film Festival); “I decided to not making Usha Jadhav (Prabha Mai) cry on screen, because Prabhavathi Amma is a strong woman“, Ananth Mahadevan told during the post-show Q&A session.

Without changing the crux of the story, Ananth and team changed the background from Kerala to Maharashtra, by which the team was able to portray the struggle an illiterate woman face during legal battle in a better way.