2nd Arab-Asia Business Partnership Summit on November 20-22, 2015


The Arab­-Asia Business Partnership Summit is the premier—and exclusive—platform for Arab and Asian enterprises and corporates to forge viable cross ­border partnerships. It is an annual, regionally ­hosted investment conference designed to support the growing Arab­-Asian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The inaugural summit, focusing on India, was hosted in Manama, Bahrain in December 2014 with the theme Reinventing Regional Markets. It was held under the chairmanship of Her Highness Sheikha Noora Bint Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa with the patronage of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Kingdom of Bahrain and in cooperation with the Confederation of Indian Industry.

With the 2015 Arab-­Asia Business Partnership Summit, the theme has shifted to spotlight an area of growing social and investment interest throughout the Arab­-Asian region: Investment Opportunities in the Health Care Sector. Held under the patronage of Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina, Honourable Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the summit will convene in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 20­-22 November 2015.

To fully realize the potential of this sector, the Arab­-Asia Business Partnership Summit has partnered with expert bodies to jointly host this year's summit: Dhaka's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the government of Bangladesh, and Partners in Population and Development, an intergovernmental organization of 26 developing countries dedicated to promoting South­-South partnerships.

The goal of this year's summit: to bring the future of social sector investment into today's regional investment and service delivery models. Changing funding models in social sector investment have shone a new spotlight on social enterprise, with private capital becoming one of the most important sources of long-­term financing in the Arab­-Asian region.

Summit's specific aim—designed to dovetail with PPD's ministerial conclave agenda and implementation of the Global Strategy for Women's, Children's and Adolescents' Health —is to provide a high­-level platform for promoting the kind of private sector investments that can both scale up and sustain multi­-sector service delivery in an efficient and equitable way. The Arab­-Asia Business Partnership Summit will be a stage for forming partnerships, advocacy, and private sector investment.

The wide slate of sessions focusing on private sector partnerships within Arab­-Asia regional health care; facilitated B2B and B2G meetings with visiting government delegations; focused sessions on investment opportunities by delegations from participating countries; and networking events are all designed to help the multivariate organizations involved in the health care and social sectors meet, convene, invest, and do the kind of business that does the most social good.

Just like the inaugural Arab-­Asia Business Partnership Summit, the 2015 summit will bring a diverse set of experts and decision-­makers together in Dhaka to spark investment and innovation. For two days, health care, commerce, and investment ministers—and senior government officials from each portfolio—from nations throughout the region; international scientific experts; major business houses; investment firms; health practitioners; pharmaceutical companies; hospital and health care facility operators; health care product manufacturers; and global leaders from the corporate sector, the civil society sector and the media will measure the current state of regional health care, share best practices, and forge alliances to advance health care investment throughout the Arab-­Asian region.

This year's Arab-­Asia Business Partnership Summit has also brought the summit to the experts: The summit is an official affiliated conference of the 12th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific, which will be held in Dhaka from 20­23 November 2015. Alongside ICAAP's Parliamentarians' Forum and PPD's own ministerial conclave, which will draw ministers from each of their 26 member countries, the 2015 Arab-­Asia Business Partnership summit will enrich its expertise by offering its resources and insights to the preeminent health care professionals already gathered in Dhaka that week.

The summit's inaugural ceremony, slated to be opened by the Hon. Prime Minister of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, will itself feature board members from PPD, delegations from ministries throughout the region, chambers of commerce, international development partners, diplomatic missions, and representatives of key sector ministries, business houses, investment firms, and media outlets.

Hope that, the second edition of the Arab­-Asia Business Partnership Summit will be a launch pad for cross-­border private sector investments within Arab and Asian regional health care—and fast­-track health care goals for the post­2015 development agenda.

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The Arab-Asia Summit will be attended by various government officials, business leaders and industry experts from the wider Arab and Asian region.