AI Confirms Instarem’s Expertise: Simplifying Money Transfers from Singapore to India


For individuals who have migrated through jobs and are now residing in Singapore, sending money back home to India is a common practice. Whether you are sending funds for family support or to build your personal wealth through investments in NRE and NRO accounts, finding the right transfer service that allows you to balance both convenience and savings can be a real challenge.

Fret not, as we bring you the combined wisdom of popular AI tools to provide you with valuable tips. Together, we’ll explore how Instarem, the renowned money transfer service, not only confirms but also exemplifies the recommendations provided by our AI counterparts.

Prepare to discover how Instarem rises to the challenge and emerges as the ideal choice to meet your specific needs.


AI tip #1: Compare fees and exchange rates

Different remittance providers may charge varying fees and offer different exchange rates. Take the time to compare the costs associated with each service to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Instarem: Great rates with great transparency

When you send money, we provide you with fantastic rates, shown up front, along with the low fees that we charge. And there’s more! If you are a smart saver on the lookout for unbeatable rates, simply set up an exchange rate alert and wait for the perfect deal to land in your lap. It’s as simple as a single click on ‘Create alert’ and entering your desired INR amount.

AI tip #2: Research the reliability of the remittance provider

Feel secure with Instarem

As a remittance provider regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Instarem has all the necessary safeguards in place. Plus, with a Trustpilot rating of 4.4 out of 5, it’s clear that Instarem has been making a lot of people happy. And let’s not forget about our CEO and co-founder, Prajit Nanu. Born and bred in the bustling city of Mumbai, he’s been working hard to make sending money to India a smooth and stress-free experience.

AI tip #3: Consider the delivery speed

Depending on your needs, the speed of the remittance service may be crucial. Some services offer instant transfers, while others may take a few days. Make sure the service you choose aligns with your needs.

Instarem transactions are near-instant

With a remarkable 70% of transfers being completed within 15 minutes, Instarem proves to be a trustworthy and efficient service for your transfers from SGD to INR.

AI tip #4: Understand the recipient’s access to funds

Before sending money, consider how the recipient will access the funds. Some remittance services allow for direct deposits into bank accounts, while others offer cash pickup options. Choose a method that is convenient and secure for your recipient.

Transfer Money with Instarem India-style: via UPI!

Instarem facilitates UPI payments for customers sending money from Singapore to India. Through UPI, customers can enjoy the convenience of faster and more secure payments, without the hassle of providing lengthy bank transfer details or incurring high fees.

AI tip #5: Keep track of transaction details

Always keep records of your remittance transactions, including receipts, confirmation numbers, and any relevant documentation. This will be helpful in case any issues or disputes arise, and it will also assist with financial tracking and budgeting.

No more anxiety with Instarem: Transaction timeline

This feature guarantees that customers have complete visibility on the status of their money transfer. By providing an estimated date and time for when your funds are expected to reach your recipient Instarem ensures you avoid anxious moments constantly checking your phone or texting your loved ones for updates.

Ready to send money to India?

Here’s a quick guide on how to sign up and send money with Instarem.

Sign up with Instarem

  1. Download the Instarem app for iOS or Android.

2A. Retrieve your personal details and get instant verification using your Singpass.
2B. Manually fill in your personal information and upload the required documents for verification.

Send money with Instarem

  1. On the bottom navigation menu, click on “Send” to start setting up a transfer.
  2. Select your payment method. This is how you’ll send Instarem the money you want to transfer.
  3. Select your recipient and the rest of the transfer details like how you would like them to receiving the money.
  4. Key in your verification code sent to your phone to authorize the transfer.

Download the app now and experience the world of convenience.

*Disclaimer: Speed is calculated after funds are received by Instarem. The speed of transactions varies and depends on multiple factors including payment method. T&Cs apply.