Being with the ‘Force’


Being able to be part of the armed forces is truly something to be proud of. What does the individual expect as a member of the armed forces? Even during time of peace the forces are always expected to be prepared and ready. War is a different dimension all together. The pressure and rigors one has to go through in a real war is something, certain individuals can’t handle. Lack of emotional support worsens the situation thus bringing the morale of the whole platoon to a boiling point. The one great thing about the United States, I appreciate is the amount of respect and love armed forces are showered by the people. A wonderful gesture is the preference forwarded to them to board flights even before the priority class gets to board.

I do remember an instance when walking on the streets in Vegas, I had a golf cap embossed with the logo of Naval Diving Unit. Out of the blue a guy jumped in front, saluted and thanked me profusely for service to the nation. I was quiet taken a back and wondered if anyone would do the same in Asia.

It’s thought provoking to see how we can raise ourselves to treat the individual, doing service for our country with love and respect. They don’t ask for anything, but that extra effort we can put towards expressing our gratitude will definitely be a source of encouragement.

Signing Off….