Kala Vishu Nite 2024 Promises an Unforgettable Musical Experience


Singapore is set to host the musical event of the year, Kala Vishu Nite 2024, promising an unforgettable evening of rhythm, melody, and harmony. Organized by Kala Singapore, this much-anticipated concert is scheduled for April 20th, 2024, at the Kreta Ayer Peoples Theatre, starting at 6 PM. Music lovers are in for a treat as the lineup features the incredible Job Kurian and Anju Joseph in a live performance, with a special showcase by Vidhya Unni.

Kala Vishu Nite 2024 is more than just a concert; it’s a celebration of the universal language of music, bringing together diverse sounds and vibrant performances. Headliner Job Kurian, known for his soulful voice and captivating performances, will join forces with the talented Anju Joseph, promising attendees an array of enchanting melodies. Adding to the night’s magic, Vidhya Unni’s performance is highly anticipated, expected to mesmerize the audience with her grace and musical prowess.

This event is a perfect opportunity for anyone looking to immerse themselves in a rich musical experience, as Kala Singapore aims to bridge hearts and communities through the power of music. “Music has the unique ability to connect people, transcending boundaries and languages,” said a spokesperson for Kala Singapore. “With Kala Vishu Nite 2024, we’re excited to bring together a community of music enthusiasts to celebrate this beautiful art form.”

Details of the event are as follows: the night of melody will commence at 6 PM on April 20th, 2024, at the Kreta Ayer Peoples Theatre. Featuring Job Kurian live with Anju Joseph and a special performance by Vidhya Unni, the concert is poised to be a cornerstone event of the year for Singapore’s music scene.

Tickets are already in high demand, and those interested are encouraged to contact the organizers at 8200 4085, 9030 6071, 9783 4926, 9876 1479, 9635 3072, or 9236 6745 to secure their attendance at what promises to be an epic night of music and celebration. Keep up with #KalaVishuNite2024 on social media for live updates and sneak peeks leading up to the event.

For additional information and media inquiries, reach out to Kala Singapore at the provided contacts. Don’t miss this chance to be part of a night that promises to be filled with memorable melodies and spectacular performances at Kala Vishu Nite 2024. See you there for an evening that celebrates the spirit of music and community!