Apple iPad Mini Launch Date Set in October, Separate from iPhone 5 Release



Recent reports suggest that Apple’s iPad Mini launch date will be in October. Basically, it will come later than the iPhone 5′s release date. Previous rumours have it that Apple might have announced both devices together but it seems like there will be two big events. iPad Mini could be the latest addition to the company’s foray of high-tech devices and attaching it with the launching of the iPhone may not just be a good idea.
iPhone 5 will be announced on September 12th and it is expected to start shipping two weeks later and it is only after its release will Apple unveil iPad Mini to the public. So, we might be looking at a month-long difference in the release dates of these devices. John Gruber of Daring Fireball believes that Apple will most likely release these devices separately to avoid salvaging each other’s sales.
iPhone 5 and iOS Release
Next month, Apple will have all the lights focused on iPhone 5 and the much anticipated iOS 6. It has already been a tradition for the company to release new devices together with new versions of its mobile OS. These two are enough to stir the tech community, enthusiasts and The Wall Street so there is no sense the company will attach something that could divide people’s attention.
One of the reasons why Apple’s products will make a hit and even break sales records during release dates is because millions of people are waiting for its annual releases. Not only those who pre-ordered the new device are anticipating for the release but also those who already own an Apple device but want to taste the new operating system. Usually, during the release dates of either iPhone or iPad, tech communities, blogs and even big news firms will cover the event. It will last at least two weeks and reviews will come day after day.
iPad Mini Launch/Release
The New iPad is packed with features that only a few could actually resist the tempting power. Now, Apple is on the brink of releasing a smaller and cheaper version that would practically bring those features along. Many believe it would make an appeal like its bigger brother but that has yet to be seen when it’s released a few months from now.
Being the newest addition to Apple’s strong lineup of devices, it needs to be promoted separately; that means separate from the typically-sized iPads and iPhones. Therefore, just like what other enthusiasts think, I believe we would be seeing another big event from Apple after iPhone 5 release. Only then we can confirm if iPad Mini is intended to put Amazon’s Kindle Fire out of commission.