Chromebooks:The new Laptops with Google OS


Chromebooks are new ultraportable, sleek laptop that is running Google Chrome OS as its operating system. The Chromebook weighs 2.4 pounds and has over 6.5 hours of battery life,  and is said to boot up in less than ten seconds compared to the thirty seconds with traditional computers. It also resume instantly and claims to avoid software bloat and don't slow down over time compared to other computers.

Chromebooks are manufactured by some of major laptop makers including Samsung,HP,Acer and first time Google by its own. Google's  Chromebook Pixel costs $1449 for the 4G version, which received a high degree of tech media attention, drawing immediate comparisons to the similarly priced Windows machines and the MacBook Air. The Chromebook's pixel density, 239 pixels/inch, delivering a much sharper image than the MacBook Air's 128 PPI display. Chromebooks also comes with cheaper versions Acer C7($199), Samsung($249)  and HP Pavilion($329).
Enjoy the app world 
Chrome OS is bundled with all the best of Google, Search, Gmail, YouTube, Hangouts and many more.The users  can work, play, and do whatever they want, right out of the box.It also allows users to choose from thousands of free apps and let Chromebook keep it all fresh with automatic updates. 
Google Drive aka Google Cloud
Chromebooks have multiple layers of security to keep you safe from viruses and malware. With Google Drive, all user files are backed up online, safely and securely, even if your Chromebook accidentally takes a swim with you. The Chromebook stores all user data safely online and the user can access it wherever in the globe.The built-in security prevents accidental software installations, malware, or altered settings and user are assured Google assurance in security.
Multiple Login
Multiple logins allow you to securely share the Chromebook between different users and each user gets their own experience when they log-in with customizable logins. The Chromebook is able to switch easily between users in seconds compared to the counterparts. This gives the flexibility of sharing the  Chromebook with friends, family and even the occasional guest have their own files, apps and settings, and the user never have to worry about any wrong doing by other users.
Chromebooks offer features like 4G, 3G,WiFi, free Gogo Inflight passes and offline apps for the rare times when you're disconnected from the web.It helps to connect  from 30,000 feet as Chromebooks come with 12 free sessions of Gogo Inflight Internet.Apps like Google Docs and Offline Gmail help you stay productive during the rare times you are disconnected from the web.
With automatic updates, Chromebooks download security and software upgrades as users dont have to waste time to installing the patches or upgrades.